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Case Book for Midwifery and Obstetric Nursing For Basic BSc Nursing 2nd Edition 2020 By Jyoti V Dube

Case Book for Midwifery and Obstetric Nursing For Basic BSc Nursing 2nd Edition 2020 By Jyoti V Dube


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ISBN 9789389776164 

About the Book

This case book is being prepared as per the guidelines given by the Indian Nursing Council (INC) in revised syllabus for Basic BSc Nursing.

It provides comprehensive yet-concise record for the documentation of practical requirements in midwifery and obstetric nursing. The main strength of this book lies in correlation, which is done in theory and practice. This would enable the students to utilize their theory knowledge in giving comprehensive health care to their midwifery clients based on the nursing process. The assessment of client is being emphasized throughout, which is the first and basic step in the nursing process.

The tables, charts included and WHO modified partographs is self-explanatory, easy to understand and helpful in maintaining comprehensive record in systemic and organized form.

This case book would be of much help to the student nurse midwives to appreciate the need and importance of systemic documentation and also to develop adequate skills in record keeping. It would be guide for the nurse educators in dealing with practical midwifery for meeting the teaching learning objectives of clinical posting of their students.



  • Prepared as per the syllabus of Indian Nursing Council (INC) for BSc nursing.
  • Correlates theory with practical for easy understanding.
  • Emphasis has been given on assessment of patients.
  • Includes self-explanatory tables, charts, and WHO modified partographs.
  • Enables students to implement practical midwifery in their clinical posting to achieve teaching learning objectives.


  • Student nurse midwives


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