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Colonization of Mucosal Surfaces, Hardcover 14 Mar 2005, By 	James P. Nataro

Colonization of Mucosal Surfaces, Hardcover 14 Mar 2005, By James P. Nataro


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Colonization of Mucosal Surfaces is a state–of–the–art presentation of the opposing evolutionary forces that ultimately determine the health of host organisms and survival of pathogenic microorganisms. As mammalian defenses evolve to protect against infection, pathogens are simultaneously evolving to circumvent new barriers and gain access to valuable host nutrients and energy. Written by experts in the field, this new volume is an in–depth examination of the complex ecosystems of the mammalian mucosa and the successful adaptations of microorganisms that enable them to effectively colonize these surfaces. First addressing general consideration, Colonization of Mucosal Surfaces then comprehensively covers colonization of the respiratory tract, the gastrointestinal tract, and the genitourinary tract and considers the various organisms present at these surfaces. Aspects of bacterial colonization revealed by the most recent research are also contemplated, including penetration of the mucous layer, innate immune effectors and their subversion, signaling of the host cells by adherence factors, modulation of adherence, phase variation of colonization factors, and regulation of colonization effectors


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