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IAP Textbook Of Vaccines 2nd Edition 2020 By Vipin M Vashishtha

IAP Textbook Of Vaccines 2nd Edition 2020 By Vipin M Vashishtha


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Description of product

ISBN 9789352709892 

Pages: 894

About the Book

This edition covers almost all aspects related to modern vaccinology including the available licensed and upcoming vaccines and general aspects of immunization. It includes update on each and every chapter covered earlier. This edition contains 10 more chapters along with 250 more pages with added illustrations than the previous edition. They are presented in a more reader-friendly, four-color rich format to enhance readability.



  • A comprehensive textbook on vaccines and immunization practices from Indian Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Around 80 state-of-the-art chapters on basic and advanced vaccinology.
  • Authored by more than 80 national and international experts of repute.
  • Five sections covering comprehensively all the facets of contemporary vaccinology from general aspects of vaccination to vaccines in development and new vaccine strategies.
  • Provides in-depth information to the professionals working in the field of vaccination in India and neighbouring south central and south eastern Asian countries.
  • Special emphasis to disease epidemiology and vaccine needs of India and neighbouring countries.
  • A reference material for international health agencies, vaccine developers, national immunization program managers, vaccine-funding agencies, etc.
  • Special foreword by legendary, Dr Stanley A Plotkin, the father of modern vaccinology.



  • Practicing pediatricians and postgraduate students


BrandJaypee Medical Publisher