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Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: A Guide for Teachers Paperback,11 Apr 2008,By Kreuzer

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: A Guide for Teachers Paperback,11 Apr 2008,By Kreuzer


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The third edition of this widely praised, best–selling textbook (formerly Recombinant DNA and Biotechnology ) provides clear, indispensable information in cell and molecular biology that explains the exciting advances in biology and biotechnology. Because the field changes so rapidly, the need to provide crucial background information has never been more urgent. This text provides the vital information, latest knowledge, and clear–headed approaches that provide a basis for rationally discussing the interrelationship of science, technology, and society. Additionally, the authors significantly added to their explanations of the societal issues that this new research raises. They provide critical thinking tools and processes to analyze issues such as gene flow in plants, animal cloning, genetic screening, and embryonic stem cells. In addition to providing the latest information on scientific foundations and technological applications of biotechnology, the book provides numerous activities to bring this exciting science to life. Specifically, the text addresses biotechnology applications and attendant societal issues including therapeutic cloning, embryonic stem cells, genetic testing, food safety, and potential environmental impacts. The teacher volume includes all of the information contained within the student volume, and it also incorporates numerous pedagogical resources. For instance, the instructor s volume includes a comprehensive CD–ROM containing chapter figures, templates and worksheets, laboratory resources, and teaching resources.  Additionally, the authors explain the nuts and bolts of runing a molecular biology laboratory, such as aseptic technique, using micropipettes, keeping microbial cultures well fed and happy, and crucial safety steps. Key Features Updates and revises the best–selling text formerly titled Recombinant DNA and Biotechnology Written in a clear, easy–to–understand language that makes complicated information accessible to those with minimal background in this area Serves as both a textbook and a laboratory activities manual Designed for those instructors interested in "problem–based" approaches for teaching and learning Includes activities for both wet and dry laboratory settings Teaches essential critical thinking skills Provides a companion instructor CD–ROM with many valuable teaching implements including worksheets, templates, and teaching tips Presents activities that have been field tested, most for more than a decade


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