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Novel Insights on SGLT-2 Inhibitors 1st Edition 2020 By Rajeev Chawla & Shalini Jaggi

Novel Insights on SGLT-2 Inhibitors 1st Edition 2020 By Rajeev Chawla & Shalini Jaggi


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ISBN 9789352706808 

About the Book

This book “Novel Insights on SGLT-2 Inhibitors” is an effort on our part to present to the readers an insight into how these agents came into being and have fast evolved today as potent antidiabetic drugs occupying the coveted place of preferred agents in all diabetes management algorithms globally owing to their efficacy, durability as well as pleiotropic benefits and cardiorenal protective effects. This book is a humble effort on our part to update the busy internists and primary physicians who because of their busy practices cannot find enough time to update themselves with the current concepts and placement as well as the future prospects of these new drugs in the management of diabetes. This book offers a crisp and balanced overview of all that we need to know about these agents not only for the beginners, but also for the established clinicians having a thirst for research and detail into this drug class.

Every attempt has been made to highlight the clinically relevant points that serve as a quick referral guide on the topic concerned by means of a crisp introduction and conclusion encompassing each topic being discussed in the various chapters.



  • This book provides detailed information on the novel drug class SGLT-2 inhibitors for the treatment of diabetes.
  • All current evidences, studies and available data have been incorporated in the writing of this book to bring to the readers an updated overview of this novel drug class.
  • An in depth search of literature on all topics traces how the SGLT-2 inhibitors have evolved and are now a preferred option in management of type 2 diabetes, with promising data emerging on their use in type 1 diabetes as well.
  • The book has been written in simple language and a standard pattern with a crisp introduction of the topic to brief the reader on what to expect in the text, followed at the end by a short conclusion that sums up the text for quick reference of its readers
  • The book is aimed at all health care practitioners, physicians and medical students/postgraduates with an avid interest in the latest advances in the evolution of this drug class for diabetes management
  • Written by experts in the field of diabetes with a vast clinical experience with these agents.



  • Health care practitioners, physicians and medical students and postgraduates



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